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Class 12 IP Practical file is an integral part of Class 12 IP Practical Examination. A Class 12 IP Practical file should contain a prescribed set of the experiment in that file.  This IP Practical file worth 6 Marks.


As per the CBSE guidelines, this file should have experiments based on normal swing controls like label, text fields, Text area, radio buttons, check boxes, list box, and combo boxes. Database connectivity is also must for this file.

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An IP Practical file must contain at least

  1. 20-25 Netbeans Experiments covering major swing controls, conditional operators, looping and other vital java concepts
  2. Minimum 20-25 MySQL experiments that should help a student to understand the different type of operations on Database
  3. 4-5 Experiments on Database connectivity with NetBeans.

How to Prepare Class 12 IP Practical File

  • Note down the list of experiments for class 12 IP students from CBSE class 12 IP Syllabus.
  • Perform one Experiment at a time in your Lab, Properly comment out your code. Make it sure your code is well indented.
  • Execute that program. Capture output screen along with its source code and Paste in Word Document
  • Take the printout of this newly created Word Document.
  • Punch and file this Printout in a file
  • Repeat this process for all the experiment suggested in your syllabus.

Things to Remember while preparing IP Practical File

A practical file is the experiment record that you perform throughout the year. So make it very sure these blunders should not appear in your Practical file.

  • It should not contain the Date and time of your system if you take all print-out in a single day.
  • Every experiment should have its output screenshot as well as Coding.
  • No Acknowledgement or certificate is required in Practical File
  • Each experiment should have a different date and time stamp.

This class 12 practical file contain all the experiments and other details required to be a perfect IP practical file.  Please note this Class 12 IP Practical file is only uploaded here so that you can check how your practical file should be

Download Class 12_IP Practical_file in PDF format

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