Class 12 Cpp Project on Banking System with output

Class 12 CPP Project on BANKING SYSTEM  is designed as per the project file requirement prescribed in the cbse class 12 computer science syllabus.

The source code of Banking System has one account class with data members like account number,name,deposit, withdraw amount and type of account.

Customer data is stored in a binary file.  [ You are requested to download notes on file handling from this link – file handling in C++ ].  A customer can deposit and withdraw amount in his account. User can create, modify and delete account.

In this banking system project, We used simple menu system to keep this Project simple. Click on download button at the bottom of this text to download zip folder which contains C++ source code file, sample data file(.dat file), output screen (.doc file).

Concepts used in this CPP Project

This project used the following concept that is required by the CBSE

  1. File Handling – The project store all the information in Binary files. Total no of binary files used in this project is two
  2. Data Structure  – Linear search is used to search information from the binary files.
  3. Classes  :  Project used the classes to encapsulate the data members and member functions in a single class Account
  4. Inheritance  : Unfortunately, we have not used any inheritance in this project.

Step by Step Guide to execute Banking Project

  1. First of all download banking system project for class 12 computer science student and unzip it in a folder.
  2. Remember one thing very clearly – This Banking Project is written in Turbo C++ so you are required to run this project in Turbo C++.
  3. Before Compiling and executing this project do not delete existing “Accounts.DAT” as this will help you a lot to understand the working of current system.

Bonus Tip :

Class 12 C++ project on Bank Management System is developed in C++ for class XII CBSE board students. Read the source code carefully to understand the working of this program as your external examiner is going to ask a lots of questions from this class 12 C++ Project on Banking System.

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