Class 12 Computer Science SQL Notes

Class 12 computer science SQL notes contain the major point a SQL defined in class 12th Computer Science Syllabus. According to Computer Science Syllabus, the whole SQL in class 12th is divided into two major parts

  1. DDL  ( Data Definition Language )
  2. DML  ( Data Manipulation Language)

DML part only allows us to discuss Create table, Alter Table, and Drop table commands whereas DML parts only allow us to discuss INSERT, Delete, Update, and SELECT commands with its different clauses besides these two parts CBSE also introduced connectivity between MySQL and Python.

SQL – Notes in PDF format for Download

Hope this SQL Notes for class 12 Computer Science student will help them to score more than 90 plus in less than 1 month.  Besides that, We would also recommend you to check out the connectivity program between Python and MySQL

Connect Python with MySQL simplest method. 

Add a record in MySQL Table using Python

Delete a record IN MySQL Table using Python

Update Record in MySQL Table using Python

Along with these Programs, I would also like to recommend MCQ questions on SQL.

Hope this will help you a lot and if you think we missed something in this process, please feel free to contact us.

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