Class 12 Computer Science Practical Question Paper 2017

Class 12 Computer Science Practical Question Paper 2017 is based on the guidelines published in the CBSE class 12 Computer Science Syllabus for 2017.  As per the syllabus a student have to perform 2 task in the computer Lab

#1. C++ Programming – 10 marks

You are required to write a computer program in C++ from the following topic

  • Arrays – One dimensional and double dimensional array
  • Classes and Object
  • Stack and Queue using Array including circular
  • Stack and Queue using Link List
  • File Handling  ( Creation, Modification, Searching and Displaying)
  • Text File Creation.

The program is basically checked on the basis of logic, indentation and output presentation. You are also required to take print-out of this program along with its output as most of the time External love to send this program to their respective regional office.

#2   SQL  – 5 Marks

5 SQL queries based on any RDBMS software, most of the time these 5 queries are based on table creation, insetion, and select statement.

Note: some times External ask to take print outs of these executed commands and some times they simple ask you to write down the same in your answer-sheet.

#3 . C++ Project File with output  – 05 Marks

You are required to create a software using all the acquired knowledge throughout these two years. Your viva is basically based on your project work, So guys try to do it yourself.

#4  Practical File  – 06 Marks

Your Practical File must contains at-least 25 C++ program from the above mentioned topics + 15 sql queries along with their output.

C++ Practical File Questions for class 12 CBSE Students

#5  Viva   -04 Marks

Special Notes on Practical

  1.  Since your External Examiner only takes 5-10 minutes to grill you so how was your viva will define how much you are gonna score in your practical file and project file.
  2. Thoroughly Read your project and note down-total no of classes used, any type of inheritance, binary files and such vital information
  3. Never ever reveal that you downloaded your project from any website
  4. Do not tell your External that your elder did it for you.
  5. If you are not able to read the whole syllabus for the viva then prepare at-least one or two topics thoroughly and ask your external that due to some unavoidable reason, you could not prepare the whole.
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