Class 12 Computer Science Practical File download

Class 12 Computer Science Practical File for download in ms-word format. This Practical file is given here for your reference and must be used as a last resource.

Computer Practical Examination require one Computer Project and one Practical File. The worth of Computer Practical File is 6 mark.

Class 12 Computer Science Practical require a Practical File that is a collection of C++ programs normally student perform throughout the year and this Computer Science Practical file is the collection of that programs.

CBSE needs at-least 25 program from the following topics that must be there in this C++ practical file

  1. Classes and Objects
  2. Constructor and Destructors
  3. Inheritance
  4. File Handling using both Binary files and Text Files
  5. Data Structure  –
    1. Single Dimensional Array –
      1. Traversing
      2. searching – linear search  and binary search
      3. Sorting – Bubble sort, insertion sort and Selection sort
      4. Insertion of an element
      5. Deletion of an element
      6. concatenation of two arrays
      7. merging of two arrays
    2. Double Dimensional Array
      1. Traversing of double dimensional array
      2. Lower, upper and diagonal matrix
      3. sum of rows and sum of columns
      4. Addition / subtraction of two matrix
    3. Stack  – Array implemented and link list implemented stack
    4. Queue – Array implemented Linear queue and circular queue, Link list implemented queue.
  6.  15 SQL commands including DDL and DML commands along with output.

NOTE : The program listed in this Computer Science Practical File is also useful for your theory, thus you are required to learn all of them.

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