Class 12 Computer Science Notes (C++) with Assignments.

Class 12 Computer Science notes along with assignments are now available for download in PDF format. So that you can revise your whole computer science (C++) syllabus within the given time period.

Class 12 computer science Notes

At the end of this post we will also share the link of last years class 12 Sample papers. The notes appear in this article as per the Computer science (C++) Syllabus. As per the CBSE class 12 Computer syllabus, every cbse computer science question paper will cover class 11th syllabus worth of 12 marks, thus we also added few chapters that worth every bit.

Flow of control – This chapter covers selection statements ( if, if else, switch, nested if) and iteration 1

statements ( do while, while and for loop) along with break and continue.

Flow of control Notes in PDF format   – Assignment-1 , Assignment-2 , Assignment -3

Function in C++  :  What is  function, function prototype and type of functions, Function parameters, scope of variables.

C++ function Notes in PDF format  , fun_assignment_2

Array in C++ : Single dimensional array and double dimensional array, string and array of string

Single Dimensional Array Notes in PDF format,  Double Dimensional Array Notes,  Array Assignments

Structure :  How to define structure, type of structure , nested structure, array of structure, passing structure as a function parameter, structure as a function return type value.

Structure notes in PDF format , Structure Assignements

Classes and objects :  Classes and objects along with access specifier implementation in C++.

Classes and Object Notes in PDF format

Constructor and Destructor : How to use constructor and desctuctor in C++, Different types of constructors and destructors.

Constructor and Destructor Notes in PDF format, Constructor and Destructor Assignment

Inheritance in C++  :  What is inheritance, Type of inheritance and different type of visibility modes and only a single question to solve all inheritance related question of board examination

Inheritance Notes in PDF format

File handling in C++ :  What is a file and different type of files along with file handling mode with file operation like reading, writing, modification and deletion of records.

File handling notes in PDF format, File_handling_assignment-1 in PDF format

Pointers in C++ : Introduction to pointer, pointers and operations, pointers and functions, pointers and array, pointers and strings.

Pointer in C++ notes in PDF format , Pointer in CPP with Links List Implemented Stack and Queue

Data structure using C++

Single dimensional Array  :  Searhing – linear search and binary search , Sorting – bubble sort, selection sort, insertion sort, add an element between the elements in an array, delete an element from an array, Concatenation of two arrays, Merging of two arrays

Double Dimensional Array  : Traversing, Address calculation, matrix manipulation

Stack  : Array Implemented Stack with Its Application , Link List implemented stack

Queue : Array implemented linear queue, Array Implemented circular Queue, Link List implemented linear queue.

Structured Query Language (SQL )

DDL, DML , Different DDL commands like Create, alter, drop and DML commands like insert, delete, update, select along with different functions and SQL select clauses.

SQL Notes in PDF format, SQL assignments in PDF format

Boolean Algebra

Boolean Algebra notes in PDF format, Boolean Algebra Assignments

Networking and Internet Technologies

Networking Notes in PDF format,  Networking Assignments

Class 12 C++ Sample papers-2014 , Class 12 C++ Sample Paper 2015Class XII C++ Sample paper -2016, C++ Sample paper -2017 ,  Download All Sample papers

You are advised to check at-least all these four sets of sample papers as they as strictly designed as per the question paper blue-print suggested in Class 12 Computer science syllabus.

Hope these C++ notes for class 12 Computer science Notes will help to score more. If you think, we have missed any thing in these notes, please feel free to give us your feedback.

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