Class 10 Mathematics Previous Year Question Papers -Download PDF

CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Previous Year Question Papers is must for every student planning to take CBSE class 10 CBSE Board Examination.  When CBSE class 10 Board Examination knocking at your door, students must be wondering how the question paper will look alike how many sections will be there, how to prepare for their board Examination.

While the revision of the whole syllabus is not possible at this moment but if you have the exact pattern of CBSE Class 10 Mathematics Old Papers in your hand and how this paper was in previous years can help you a lot.

These listed Class 10 Maths Papers have appeared in Not Examination and they are not SAMPLE PAPERs.

This is very very important for the students to get a feel of how the actual exam paper will be.  In this article, we are going to provide you class 10 Previous years paper for the subject Mathematics.

This is also very important to note down that CBSE has changed its evaluation pattern from the session 2017-18 so the question paper that will match for your coming exam is only papers appeared in session 2017-18. Previous years paper only included in this list to provide you with some important questions.

Benefits Of Solving Class 10 Mathematics Previous Year papers

  • Solving Previous years Examination Papers help students get an idea about nature and examination pattern of the Paper.
  • Students will be aware of the difficulty level of the Questions asked in the Examinations
  • It helps students to analyze their strength and weaknesses which they can work on and may improve before the actual examination
  • It helps students to build their concentration and stamina to sit for the full time.

Class 10 Old Maths Question Papers in PDF format












Class 10 Mathematics Sample Paper

Sample papers are must before taking your actual examination as what are the changes CBSE has made in your syllabus and how that would be reflected in the final examination – is basically reflected in CBSE question Papers.

Thus we thought It would be better to give our readers Sample Papers too.

CBSE class 10 Sample Mathematics Question Paper -2019

CBSE class 10 Sample Mathematics Question Paper -2018

How to take Class 10 Maths Previous Year Question Papers

  • Download CBSE Class 10 Old Mathematics Papers that you want to take  from the above links
  • Decide a time when you want to dedicate your 3 hours just like your real Examination.
  • Attempt all question and write down all answers.
  • Now check your answer with the help of your teacher /tutor and fill all the gaps that your teacher/tutor recommend.

We hope these CBSE class X Mathematics Previous years Question Papers will help you in your preparation. If you have any query regarding these class 10 Old Maths Question Papers. Please drop your suggestion in comments.

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