C++/C Program to create backup of any Text File using file Handling

C++ program to create backup of any text file using File handling in C++. The program simply open your text fileĀ  in text mode and open another file as your backup file.

Read one character from the file stream and check if it is not the end of file then write this character into other file, Repeat this process unless end of file reached.

Here is the source code

/*	Program to create backup of any text file using file handling in C++
	made by 	: rakesh kumar
using namespace std;
int main()
	char ch;
	ifstream fin;
	ofstream fout;
	cout<<"\n Backup Complete....";
	return 0;

When the process will complete a message on your screen will appear. ” Backup complete”, You can check this file to ensure that everything worked as er expectations.

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