CPP Sample papers for class XI – 6 SET

Cpp Sample papers for class XI is designed for DAV Schools across the India. These C++ sample papers was designed as per the Cpp question paper blue-print published by the CBSE in 2017 curriculum for cpp students.

cpp sample paper is divided into two files

  • Sample question paper along with marking scheme
  • Sample answer with marking scheme

Though the question paper was developed for DAV schools but i strongly feel that this question paper can be used in any where following CBSE curriculum

Step by step guide to download and use these cpp Sample papers

  • Click on the zip file attached, just after this article and save it on your local computer.
  • Unzip this file in a new folder on your local computer
  • This newly created folder further contains 6 folders having your 6 set of cpp Sample question papers.
  • Each folder now contains your sample cpp question paper and sample answer script with marking scheme.

Do you like these Cpp Sample papers or have another issue? Please feel free to send your suggestion through comments.



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