Class 12 Computer science sample-2016

CBSE computer science old sample paper of class 12. has launched the guess paper with full solutions in pdf format is available with latest marks distribution.

CBSE Computer Science old sample paper of  class 12. The sample paper was held in year 2015-16 examination students can easily download in pdf format for next exam although CBSE has also release the sample paper on its officially site that is for next upcoming exam in year 2016.

The question paper will be divided in to three units A,B and C , A and C part is for C++ opted students and B and C part is for python opted students and the given sample paper is also divided into three simple part.  Part C is compulsory for all the students either she or he opted python or C++ in part third SQL and Networking related question will be asked.

In cbse class 12 computer science new pattern sample papers is available for cbse 2017 examination .Computer science cbse sample paper for class 12 with proper solutions in pdf file with new pattern.

Basically, a specimen paper of computer science  is usually a paper that contains all the questions usually not considered good enough for the real exams, but if it’s a new course, it’ll just be some sample questions to give students  who are going to sit the exam an idea of what the real paper will be like.

We were told by our teachers that it’s a paper designed to be harder than the real exam so we can practice answering it but it’s hard.


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