Class 12 Python Guess Paper 2015 – Download PDF

Class 12 Python Guess paper in PDF format is now available for download. This Python Guess paper was developed by CBSE strictly as per the question paper blue-print published in Class 12 Computer Science Syllabus 2015.

Class 12 Python Sample paper

As you are very well aware that, right now CBSE is offering two languages in Computer Science C++ and Python, the same way CBSE class 12 Python Guess paper is also not developed as stand alone guess paper. It has a section in Computer science Sample paper.

This Python guess paper covers all the major topics that is listed in the syllabus and if you are studying Python in Class 12 then you are requested to solve Python part of this Class 12 Python Sample paper.

In case, you need any assistance or want your answer to be checked by our Python teachers, please send your answer sheet images along the reference of this website.

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