CBSE Practical Examination 2020 will Held on Remote Center?

CBSE Practical examination is a part of CBSE education curriculum and this is an integral part of our education system.  The practical examination is compulsory for the partial fulfillment of the examination and the basic idea behind practical examination was – How to use the acquired knowledge during the session in a real life.

But it is learned that the few schools and some greedy people misused the rule and manipulated all the things as per their wish and secured highest marks beside the poor performance of their wards.

As per inputs from CBSE, they are planning to conduct practical examination in a remote center for 2020 practical examinations. Each center will be responsible for conducting at-least 10-15 practicals of each subject. Students and teachers will have to travel the center on that assigned practical examination date.

A student needs to be present at the center with their practical files and assigned project files. Practical file and Project file carry different marks and this way students or internal examiner will not be able to manipulate the situations.

for more information about the Practical Examination marking pattern, please check the detailed syllabus of the corresponding subject from CBSE academic website.

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Another Idea that CBSE has floated is – they are going to change the marking pattern of Theory and Practical. 80 marks will be of theory and 20 marks practical. These 20 marks can be distributed in different assignments and practical observations. The internal Examiner is responsible for these 20 marks like we do in class 10th.

This method, if adapted then the practical examination system will be erased from all CBSE schools. No Guidelines has been sent from CBSE regarding this remote practical center yet still a lot of speculations are already in the air.

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