CBSE has issue a guidelines to its affiliated schools regarding the transportation rules

CBSE is always concentric regarding student’s health and safety issue and in recent history there misshaping have happened with school buses according to media  . As per circular 23-02-2017 issued by CBSE to its affiliated school that regarding transportation system . Major highlights are about

Exterior :

School bus should be yellow coloured and school’s name should be printed in the back and front of school bus with office details.


School bus should be equipped with GPS system, CCTV  and speed governor (up to 40 KM) Facility in school bus : School bus should have first aid box  and fire extinguishers.

A valid permit as well if school hires the buses the same rule should be flowed.  Apart from them CBSE also release the advisory for parents :

Parents will also be equally responsible during the journey of their child they can check the buses hired by the schools are fit and safe for children.

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