CBSE Evaluation Process for Scoring better marks in class 12th

CBSE Evaluation process for better marks in class 12th Board Examination is dedicated to all the students appearing in this years CBSE Board Exam. Central board of secondary education (CBSE) , one of the most reputed Board in India better known for its quality education system.  With the great educational curriculum, CBSE also provide the opportunities in syllabus for activities that brings a great chance for the students to explore themselves in the outer world.

In this article, I will clear some doubt about the CBSE evaluation process for class 12th, which is one of the most common question among the students of this class.  But before that , I would like to tell you one thing , if you have done everything perfect in your exam then there is no one to put your marks down.

cbse evaluation process

How strict is CBSE evaluation process for class 12th

If you think CBSE evaluation process is too much strict then read this simple story of my students who was able to score 100 out of 100 in Physical education, will prove you wrong.

It is a story of our old student “Raman Deep Singh” who was good in studies and scored 100 out of 100 in physical education when some on my colleague asked him about the score then he said , he never attempted all the questions in that paper?

Another story of our economics paper when the paper appeared in the board exam the subject teacher was very much upset as few questions were out of syllabus and she informed our principal madam that this time our students will not be able to score 95+ in the final result

But it was the biggest surprise to all of us when cbse result for class 12th was declared. The highest average 95+ score was in economics, even few such students were able to score 95+ who were never ever able to score 80+ in school term exams.

So we can conclude that there is also a game of luck sometimes, during the evaluation process.

How bad is CBSE evaluation Process

Perhaps the above examples must have made you a bit happy as there was a good face of CBSE evaluation process, but wait! There are always two faces of a coin. The evaluation process is not good for everyone.  There are a number of victims of this process also.

Allow me to quote another example – One of our student, lets name him  – Samar singh ( for the sake of anonymity) was good in mathematics and was scoring 85+ in all the school based exams so we all were expecting more than 90+ marks in the final exam.

As per Samar singh the final paper was as per expectation and he promised to all of us that he is going to score more 90+ in the final exam.

Could you guess how much he score when the class 12th  CBSE result was declared ?


Yes, he was manage to score only 34 marks in the final exam. But as you are already aware, You can ask for revaluation + photocopy of your answer sheet – BUT you can not reveal the mistakes in the process to the news media

So , here is the crystal clear idea of the CBSE evaluation process of CBSE board for class 12th. I would not say that there is a fault in this system, but one thing is very clear , there  is not transparency in the system. No one can exactly estimate his/her marks.

How CBSE evolution process Works

Let me tell you more about the evaluation process by telling the methods involve in this process.

Have you ever thought what happens with your answer sheet when you leave the exam? If your answer is yes then follow me.

There are two type of methods involve in the evaluation process of CBSE

  1. Digital Evaluation

This is the evaluation process introduced by CBSE in the year 2014, in this process a scanned copy of your answer sheet is uploaded on a server and then sent to a particular checker in a particular checking centre.  IN this method there is no need to move your answer sheet from one place to another place.

Every evaluator is assigned a unique ID, on the basis of which the answer sheets are allotted to them and then after the evaluation the evaluator confirm that he/she has checked all the answers.

This process confirm that all the answers are checked but the process is not everywhere and is time consuming as the evaluator has to be very well versed with computer thus a single evaluator is not able to evaluate more than 20 sheets in a single day.

  1. Manual Evaluation

This is the traditional method of answer sheet evaluation and I am quite sure you are little bit aware of this method.  All the answer sheet are collected from different examination centres into your cbse regional office and then regional office forward answer sheet to its nodal centre and then nodal centre distribute these answer sheets to checking centre.

Every checking centre normally have 10-12 evaluators from different schools. Every evaluator in then assigned 25-30 answer sheets at a time to evaluate but as per my experience a single evaluator normally check 40+ answer sheet in a single day.

Just imagine when a single evaluator check 40+ answer sheet in a span of 6 hours, how much time he/she is giving to each answer sheet.

Now you have a basic idea about evaluation process in class 12th CBSE examination.

How to use CBSE evaluation process for scoring better marks

As now you are well aware about the CBSE evaluation process, now consider yourself as an evaluator who is evaluating more than 40+ copies in  every 6 hours and doing this for more than 1 month.

This is the time to look all the method again – you are checking 40+ copies in every 6 hours. Obviously , you will get bored at some times and at that point of time, You will notice that you are not able to notice silly mistakes in the answer sheet and only noticing the formatting, presentation , mark-up , writing etc.

On the basis of above observation, I am going to suggest some ideas so that you would not fall as a victim of cbse evaluation process but score more marks.

  1. Leave at-least 3 lines after every answer on your answer sheet.
  2. Even your answer is not up to the mark. Try to highlight the main point with your great handwriting.
  3. Try to put related example wherever your could place.
  4. Make your handwriting clearer to read. The more you will confuse examiner the lesser chances you will score better marks.
  5. Do not scatter sub-parts of a question in your answer sheet.
  6. Remember, the lesser the hard work the checker have to do while evaluating your answer sheet, more the marks you will score.

Bonus tip to score more marks

Write your best answer in the beginning of answer sheet. The least confident answer must appear in the end of your answer sheet.

As, I have already stated that the checker start noticing your formatting writing style. If the checker notice that all your answers are correct and well formatted in the beginning of your answer sheet, then he/she will ignore your minor mistakes and award more marks then required as per cbse marking scheme, this way you can score at-least 10 marks extra then the same answers scattered on the answer sheet.

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