Cpp Program to generate number Tree

C++ program to generate number tree is one of the best program to explain nesting of for loop and how they are executed.  The other such high thinking program that may appear in Inter school computer programming competitions are also available here. The source of number tree written in C++ is as follows /* program […]

CPP program to check valid Identifier

C++ program to check the validity of any input string whether the inputted string is a valid identifier or invalid identifier.  While developing this program we followed the basic rules of a valid identifiers in C/C++. All the valid identifiers should either start with alphabet or underscore (_). It should not contain any special character […]

CPP program to replace multiple spaces with single space

C++ program to replace multiple spaces with single space is the third program of the same compression utility that we are trying to build in this series. The previous two programs are  C++ program to remove multi-line comments from any text file ( C/C++ style comments) C++ Program to remove single line comments from any […]

CPP program to remove single line comment from text file – C/C++ style Comments

In this C++ program we will remove all single line comments that start with double slash(//). This program is a part of the same compression utility program in which we will input any text file and will receive output file without any single line comment. C++ Program to remove multi-line comment The program is developed […]

CPP program to remove multi line comment from any file

This C++ program is a part of compression utility that we will create in this series of programs. This utility will help us to compress all the given files in any folder and remove all the extra spaces and new lines, tabs, comments from any executable text file. The idea of this program was originally […]

CPP Program to generate hollow star squre

This C++ program generate hollow star square using for loop. The program basically manipulate the space before the star(*)  and after the stars. The program was generated on Windows 10 and compiled and executed on Dev C++ IDE. /* program to print blank rhombus made by : rakesh kumar */ #include #include using namespace std; […]