C++ Project ideas for School / College students – Part -1

10 Best new C/C++ Project ideas for school/college student contains some of the innovative ideas for implementations. These project will not only grab the attention of your examiner but also help you more marks. These C++ projects are not listed any where as well as you will not be able to locate its code on […]

C++ project on Address Book Using classes and File Handling -Output

C++ project on address book using classes and file handling is one of the simplest C++/ C project to demonstrate the working of a computer Project. This project was actually demonstrated in Class room – How to create a computer Project using all the acquired knowledge. This project uses a simple class Telephone and one […]

C++/C Program to create backup of any Text File using file Handling

C++ program to create backup of any text file using File handling in C++. The program simply open your text file  in text mode and open another file as your backup file. Read one character from the file stream and check if it is not the end of file then write this character into other […]

C++ program to show binary file operations using classes and Object

C++ program to show binary file operation using classes and Objects and perform Addition, Deletion, Modification, searching, Display of records. /* Program to write student record using class and binary files made by : rakesh kumar */ #include #include #include using namespace std; class student{ private: int roll; char name[30]; char address[100]; public: void input(){ […]