Cafe Billing system- Python Tkinter Project

cafe billing system, a Python Tkinter project using Python Tkinter GUI toolkit. Tkinter Notepad is another Python Project using Tkinter. The project simply generates a GUI ( graphical user interface to its operator.

Operator can fill the required field and when click on Total then the system is going to generate the payable amount.

cafe billing system

This Python Project is developed using the Tkinter library to demonstrate the use of Python for desktop applications.

How to Install Tkinter on Windows System

Tkinter library automatically comes with Python. all you need to know is verify it. Run the following command at Python shell

>>> import Tkinter

Tkinter Documentation is a great place to look into it working.

How to Run

First of all download the source code of Tkinter Project on Food Billing system in zip format.

Download cafe Billing System

The file comes in the zip format so all you need it to unzip it first . Open the file from any supported editor like IDLE or Visual Studio code and run this file. 

Limitations of the Project

Nothing is perfect so this project also carry some limitations. few of them are listed as follows

  1. It does not allow to add new Items in the menu
  2. Does not generate Order Number automatically.
  3. Does not store the bills in any database system  or file
  4. Does not have any type of graphs for future trends or type of consumption.
  5. Does not cover the whole screen of the monitor.
  6. By default does not appear on the center of the screen.
  7. we can not change the type of charges and Tax percentages. for everything else tweeking at source code level is required.

Final verdict on Cafe Billing System

Though cafe billing system have some major issues right now in this current format but I am sure if any Python student who want to learn Tkinter library and have basic understanding of MySQL connectivity with Python can develop this simple project into a full working software.

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