6 YouTube Study Channel for CBSE-NCERT Student

Education is now not only limited to the books or your notebooks but YouTube is making it more easier and comfortable than before. A lots of people watch YouTube daily then why not introduce YouTube Channels to study CBSE curriculum. Here in this blog post we have covered some of the most useful 6 YouTube […]

Cyber Crime and their Punishment – Every Student must read

The Indian Information Technology Act, 2000 dealt with Computer related crimes, In it’s Chapter – XI Offenses (65-78) and for the same time Information Technology Act, 2000 amended the Indian Penal Code to cover the cyber crimes expressly. Here in this chapter the offenses along with the punishment provided in the Information Technology Act, 2000 […]

9 Tricks To Learn Everything 10 Times Faster

Break down difficult skills in to smaller one. Focus on one sub skill at a time Celebrate your mistake and learn from that mistake Shorter periods of study every day instead of long one every week Monitor your progress and recognize yourself Quiz yourself. Teach other people Apply 80/20 rule Create a learning ritual