11 Best Free Python Resources for absolute Beginners

Python is one of the fastest growing programming language and it is used for almost every type of programming needs. Recently CBSE also introduced python in their curriculum for the senior secondary students. These 11 free python resource will definitely help to master the language.

Though python does not enforce a very strict syntax but still have a basic learning curve that can be mastered within few days.

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Here are 11 free python resource that we found online, they are not listed in any specific order, so lets explore.

1.  Codecademy

python resources-free python-course

This is the first and the formost recommended resource for the beginners. The python course start from the sysntax and takes you to the next level with proper theory consolidated by excercises, quiz and projects.

If you are trying python for the first time this course is must for you and it is one of the most popular course among the beginners

Link : https://www.codecademy.com/learn/learn-python

2.  Google’s Python Class

Google’s python class is not for the absolute beginners. They are meant for those who already have some basic skills in programming and want to learn this language in a weekened. This resource will help you through video lectures, written materials and quick exercise that google provide in this course.

Link : https://developers.google.com/edu/python/

3.  Automating the boring stuff – A must Try free python resource


Automating the boring stuff is my favorite place. The resource help you to learn python while automating some boring stuff like web-scrapping, working with excels etc. The highlight of this course if – It is totally free and you need not to pay if you want.

The course material is available in the form of YouTube videos, Books and PDF. Just go ahead and you too automate your own boring stuff.

Link : https://automatetheboringstuff.com/

4. Solo-Learn

free python resources-solo-learn

The resource is also available in Google playstore as an app. So you can access this wonderful resource via your mobile phone.

Solo-learn provide you the basics of each topic via video tutorial followed by quizzes and multiple types of questionnaire. Each topics learning here measured via the points earned by the users.

The only drawback of this resource is they do not provide the explainations of  each questions.


5. Byte of Python

Actually this is the online resource or you can say online version of the book “Byte of Python”, suitable for complete beginners. The book will give you a comprehensive lesson on everything  you need to know about Python to have a solid foundation to take your newly-acquired skills to the next level.


6. The python Docs

This is the official python tutorial and documentation at python.org. It introduce you . It introduces you to many of Python’s basic concepts and features, giving you a good idea of the language’s style and flavor. All exercises can be run in a Python interpreter, but you can also read it off-line, too.

After this guide, you will have a good basic understanding of reading and writing Python programs. Thus, it gives you the tools for making it through more advanced tutorials and for solving some real-world problems with Python.


7. Learnpython.org

free python-resource-free-python-tutorial

This interactive tutorial website offers a great introduction to Python for beginners. It is mainly aimed at anyone interested in learning Python for data science and analysis.

Whether you are an experienced programmer or just beginning with coding, these tutorials will help you get started with data analysis using Python. They start with the very basics, introducing you to the syntax and other technicalities. After that, you are ready for the more advanced tutorials.

Besides python you can also learn some major programming languages on this wonderful website.

Link : https://www.learnpython.org/

8. w3school python

free python tutorial at w3school

W3school’s python course start from the introduction of language and lead you via multiple examples,  explore the advance topics like file handling and relational Database management via MySql and MONGODB.

Have extensive examples and online python interpreter to test your skills immediately and that differentiate this resource from other free python resources.

Link : https://www.w3schools.com/python/

9. TutorialsPoint

free python resource-tutorials

This is another great guide for beginners to learn Python online. First off, it covers the history and main features of Python. Subsequently, you will have the chance to learn how to use Python. You will start with the Basic Tutorial and later move on to the Advanced Tutorial.

Link : http://www.tutorialspoint.com/python/index.htm

10. skanify.org  – Must Try free python Resource


This is also a great website to learn Python online and practice it with a bunch of different exercises. It is a highly interactive introductory course that uses an in-browser code runner. Hence, you don’t need to setup anything to get started. Moreover, you can carry on with your exercises whenever, wherever. Each lesson consists of three parts: theory, steps, and problems.

Link : https://snakify.org/

11. The Python Challenge

learn python solving problems

Saving the best for the last! This site is a multi-level puzzle challenge, where you will have to solve different problems using your Python skills.

If you have never programmed before, this one will probably be a bit tricky. However, I would suggest you keep the challenge bookmarked. While you learn Python online, whenever you figure out a solution for a problem you have struggled with, go back and see if you can solve it. The Python Challenge is definitely challenging and difficult – yet fun and rewarding!

Link : http://www.pythonchallenge.com/

Final thought on free python resource

Though we have listed some free python resource for teachers and absolute beginners. These free resources will teach, challenge and encourage you to learn python as a pythonist not as a regular programmers.

Now, we hope you have some free python resource to start learning python that suite your style. It is now much more easier to learn python online then before.  You can pick any one of these listed free python resource, Some of you prefer reading, some prefer video lecture and some of us prefer quizzes.

All that matters is that you start learning and keep going. The best way to learn python is to start learning today and stick on it.

If you are aware of any such free python resource for teachers, students or for absolute beginners. Do let us know, we would love to inform our readers.

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