Class 11 Practical File Assignments –[Python Assignments-2019-20 ]

Practical file assignments for class 11 Computer Science students (Python-New). This practical file assignment is prepared as per the guidelines of class 11 computer science students.

Class 12 Python assignments [ Practical File ]

Class 12 Python Practical File assignments is a suggestive list of Python questions that all class 12 computer science students must prepare for their practical file.

Class 12 IP Practical File Questions Revised Syllabus

Class 12 IP Practical File Questions as per the revised syllabus for class 12 informatics practices students. Students can try similar questions for their class 12 informatics Practices Practical file.

Class 12 Ip Viva Questions

Class 12 IP Viva Questions for Informatics Practices practical Examination. Must know Ip viva Questions with their most suitable answers

Double Dimensional Array – Assignment

Double Dimensional array assignment that includes basic operation on 2-d array that includes matrix manipulations and understanding of 2d array.

Single Dimensional Array – Assignment-1

 Q1.Write C++ statements to do the following:  Declare and initialize an array of scores of 20 student of type int.  Display the 10th component of the array scores.  Display the 5th component of the array scores  Set the value of the 8th component of the array scores to 35. Set the value of the 6th […]