MySQL Assignment on Table Join

MySQL Assignment on Table Join has more than 25 queries that will test your skills on the group by and Join statement. Test your skills to join more than one table using these MySQL Assignment.

MySql Assignment -6 for class XI IP students

mysql assignemnt-6 is the final assignment for class XI IP students. This mysql assignment will cover all the major clauses used in select statements like’like’ ,’between’ ‘order by’ etc. Practice this assignment very carefully as this the major assignment that will cover all the course of your class XI mysql.

MySql Assignment -5 for class XI IP students

Mysql assignment-5 for class XI IP student is based on class XI IP students syllabus prescribed by the students. This is a simple reminder assignment using DML and DDL commands This is a small mysql assignment for mysql students. It will help them to strengthen their skills in mysql.

MySql Assignment – Results from multiple Tables

MySql assignment to fetch results from multiple tables is based on SQL join commands. In SQL, we can join our tables in multiple ways, this assignment will explore your skills to join these tables. 

MySQL Assignment on Select Statement

MySql Assignment on Select Statement will bring the most useful command of MySQL – select statement. Select statement fetch data from table(s) .

MySQL Assignment on insert update and delete Command

MySQL Assignment on insert update and insert Command. This is the second assignment in the array of MySQL assignments. This MySQL assignment no -2 is based on DML commands. that also use DDL commands in few questions.