8 Unbelievable Study Hacks For Better marks

These 8 unbelievable study hacks will help you a lot to score better marks, as you know right now  there is a lot of pressure on the students to score more in the board exams.

8 Unbelievable Study Hacks Better marks means better chances to choose a better institute for further studies,  While we have been providing you with various hacks for every aspect of examination, here are some study hacks that you can use to do better in studies.

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#1. Read Out Loud
While you might have seen some people learning silently, it would be more beneficial if you read the answers loudly. There is a reason why you remember the lyrics of all songs you listen to; your brain responds more to the voices you hear.

This tricks is specially useful for subjects like hindi, English, History, Political science.

#2.  Set small Targets
Give yourself targets before you sit down to study. In a stipulated time, you can either fix the number of questions that you would learn, or fix the number of pages that you would go through. This would prevent you from losing focus and wasting time.

But do not set large unrealistic targets, instead of that set small targets and start chasing these small targets. Later on you will realize that you achieved a lots of targets.

So set small achievable targets.

#3. Be a Teacher

According to research, we learn only 5% by listening and 10% via video and audio but learn 90% if we teach the same.

If you want to grasp whatever you learn, try explaining everything that you have learnt to someone who would sit silently and listen to you. This would make you confident that you have learned everything well.

# 4. Prepare your own notes
The best way to remember something is to write it down. You would not believe how good you would be with the lessons that you write down after you learn them. What happens here is that your brain remembers the words you write much better as compared to the words that you learn. This is the main reasons most of the time teachers compel you to write answers again and again as a punishment.

If you have limited time to prepare your subject, Download old sample papers and write their answers in a separate notebook.

# 5. YouTube – Your Best friend
Kids today have the advantage of using internet for their studies, which their previous generations didn’t have. Use the internet to research more about the topic that you have to learn, and finding easier words to learn the lessons.

6 Youtube channels for class 12 student will surely help you to learn your topic in less time.

# 6. Take Regular Breaks after every 25 minutes

Read only 25 minutes at a time and exercise 5 minutes after that. This technique of study is better known as pomodoro techniques. Repeat this again.

It doesn’t pay much to sit for hours and study. When your brain is tired, it doesn’t remember anything for a longer period of time. Instead, take regular breaks from studying and give your brain the required time to remember everything that you have just read.

# 7. Chew Gum
If you want your brain to remember what you learned the last day, chew the same flavor of chewing gums while learning the topics and giving the exam. Know more here.

# 8. Walk
If you want your brain to be more active while giving your exams, walk for a good 15 to 20 minutes before the exam starts. This would wake your brain up and you would remember the answers better.

But remember not to discuss about the topic and your preparation, the more you will discuss with others, the more it will distract you.

How much did you find these hacks useful for your forthcoming exams.

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