7 Viva tips for Practical Examination- 9 Psychological hacks

7 Viva tips for Practical Examination,before appearing in CBSE Practical Examination viva, few of them are based on my personal experience as an External Practical Examiner in CBSE, Some of them are simply psychological hacks that you can use in any where.

But before that do not fear, first read the syllabus, all chapter’s name means you must know what is your syllabus,most of students do not know what is their syllabus?

7 Viva tips for Practical Examination
7 Viva Tricks for Practical Examination

Here are the main tips for preparing your CBSE Practical Viva. You must know that you must be aware of the highlights of main topics and more important on which topic you have prepared your project or file etc why you choose this topic and what is the use of this topic etc.

6 Viva Tips for Practical Examination

  1. Explain your project : This is the first viva question most of the time external love to ask, so you must be very well aware of that topic.
  2. Why you choose that Project : You should know what actually you are trying to solve using your project, what are techniques used to develop that project. Who helped in this project and how you can extend the scope of your project.
  3. Advantage and Limitations of your Project : Who helped in your project to finish, what are the limitations of your project.  If you are preparing a Computer project then it is a compulsory for all the student as most of the time student prepare a dos-based computer program.
  4. Know the  Content : No of header files, Classes, Inheritance, Binary files,Text files, temporary files, data structure used in that project [ specially for Computer science and IP student )
  5. Definition : You must be aware of the definition of the main points/Concept used in your project and practical file.
  6. Extra Experiment : If you are not through with any practical, do not put any such practical in your practical file.  The second most important questions comes from your practical file.

Psychological hacks for Viva

Here are some Psychological hacks that I would like to recommend my dear students

  1. Follow the rules : Prepare your practical file and your project file as per the guidelines by your Teacher, if he/she ask for a particular pattern and spiral bind. Do not ignore that, it will help your External to judge you as an obedient student.
  2. Shake your hands like you are too much afraid of viva and show that you are able to answer but due to viva fear you are not able to recollect yourself and ask your external for some water and few minutes to answer that question.
  3. Look presentable.  Be smart and your attitude should be positive and do not feel shame if you put wrong answer and do not give extra answer. Wear the proper uniform of your school , proper hair cut, nail-cut nails and nails should not be paint.
  4. Extra answer means Extra Question : Do not answer any thing extra that is not a part of the question. External most of the time raise questions for your own answers.
  5. Calm down and breathe properly .  Working yourself up is only going to make things worse and use less , by stopping student  sleeping and making you ill. Find a way to be more relax, be it yoga, running, meditation some  games; but find something to help you stay calm and smart
  6. Do something joy full .  Don’t spend all your time revising and learning . You still need to have fun, or you’ll wear yourself down before the exam. You want to be fresh on the day, so go out and have some fun
  7. Believe in yourself.  You have spent the time to reading about, writing about and doing your project or  topic etc . You are the expert; you know your stuff, remember that.
  8. Go in with a positive attitude.  Don’t see the examiners as evil torturers who get kicks out of making you suffer. They want you to pass. However, if you go in thinking that they want you to fail you’ll not only be more scared, you’ll also be more defensive, which isn’t always a good thing.
  9. Read your contents.  While entering in viva room you must read all contents   You don’t have to read it once a day every day until your viva, just make sure you go over it a few times before the exam.

Bonus Tip : Do not ignore your internal Examiner, always keep in touch before your final practical Examination and try to ask better question every time like how to prepare for viva and which type of questions appear in viva, how external do viva and how you can score more marks in your final Practical Examination.

if you will follow these 7 Viva tips for practical Examination, I am sure you people will be able to score much more than you are expecting in your practical Examination. If you have any other question/query, Just post  your query and we will try to resolve your issue with in 24 hours.

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