7 Best off beat career options after Class 12

What career option should I go for after completing my Class 12 still remains one of the most Googled questions undoubtedly. With every year, the mad hunt for opting conventional courses like engineering, medical, teaching, journalism to name a few, is facing a decline mainly because of too much crowd followed by a monotonous job culture. This leads to lack of enthusiasm in traditional occupations.

But what are the career options existing right now?

The traditional or mainstream professions existing right now include fields of Engineering, Medicine, Finance, Journalism, Management, Teaching, IT, Law to name a few. Though, these career options give may give better job security or life long occupation, pension or other lucrative benefits.

But these conventional options may not satisfy the creative streak present in many talented individuals, resulting in shifting of career from mainstream to an offbeat one after a certain period of time.

How to make a career in non-mainstream options?

If one manages to gain success in an unorthodox field, fame and income can easily be achieved in a very short span of time. Infect, the lifestyle of a person can change completely. These unconventional jobs become rewarding only after putting a lot of hard work.

Most of these jobs need one to be creatively inclined and able to think out of the box. Also, there are some non-mainstream jobs that will reap you maximum benefits if you earn a degree, diploma, or certificate to gather theoretical knowledge about the respective field. After all, chartering the unconventional route is not an easy task!

Now, if these mainstream career options don’t excite you enough and you question yourself that should I become a doctor or an engineer, then explore these offbeat career options and choose the road less taken!

Offbeat career options available

There are a plethora of career options in unconventional fields. Some interesting ones are listed below:


This field has changed drastically in the last few years. Photography, in India, was earlier limited to only functions like weddings or birthday parties. But now with the recent surge in e-commerce and media industry, there is a great demand for professionals who have the required creative skills and knowledge along with originality.

In this field, one needs to remain updated with new skills and equipment. To achieve this, you can also enroll in courses that impart professional knowledge. A list of such institutions is as under:

  • Delhi College of Photography, New Delhi
  • J. Kidwai Mass Communication Centre
  • Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
  • Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai
  • Symbiosis School of Photography, Pune
  • Asian Academy of Film and Television, Noida
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University, Hyderabad
  • Light and Life Academy, Ooty

Makeup Artistry

Makeup is an art, passion and a powerful way of expressing your inner self. It has always been in trend but its demand as a career option has increased since a couple of years. Makeup artistry which was earlier stereotyped as a woman oriented field of work has now become gender neutral. It is a creative career choice having wide array of possibilities.

But a good makeup artist must keep up with the constantly changing fashion and makeup trends and gain knowledge about skin science and beauty.

With a lot of makeup artists already existing, you need to truly stand out. For that, it is required you to be creative, have strong imagination, understanding of clients needs and hardworking. Also, an attractive personality radiating good hygiene and health practices along with good communication skills are highly sought in a professional makeup artist.

The two most important elements- dexterity and precision- comes after a lot of practice and knowledge. For someone who is starting afresh, it is good to enroll in a makeup or cosmetology school. Here is a list of some makeup schools in India:

  • Delhi School of Makeup and Artistry
  • Glam Skills
  • Learning Institute of Makeup and Hair (LIMAH)
  • Apart from these, some established makeup artists and salons also provide certificate courses in their studios.


Podcasting is a relatively new concept in India. Unlike countries like the US and China where people are already pumping out a lot of money through this platform, Indian audiences and artists are yet to explore it to its fullest potential. In India, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Pocket Casts, Podcast Addict, Stitcher among several other applications are witnessing a steep rise in its audience since 2018.

Due to the increased use of smartphones, internet availability, and relatable on-demand content, India has become the third-largest podcast market with more than a 50 percent increase every year.

So, if you have a story to tell, subject matter to discuss, some important personality to interview, or have information that needs to be shared, this might be the one career option for you.

If your podcast strikes a chord with the audience, you could monetize your work and earn a lucrative amount as well. But wait, that happens only when people choose to watch/listen to you. This requires time and patience to build an audience along with amazing content to offer.

Authentic, engrossing, and relatable content, engaging communication skills, unique format, extensive research work are a few things that will earn you loyal audiences.

Apart from these intrinsic qualities, technical aspects like good sound quality also enhance the experience. By keeping these things in mind, one can kick start a podcasting career with a bang!

Video Game Tester

Do you like to play video games all day long? What if we tell you that you will be paid to do that? And wait! What if you get access to the most-awaited pre-released games? Sounds like a dream right! But this is exactly what happens in a Video Game Testing job.

It is a dream job for many people but there is more to it than just playing games all day long.

Video game testing is a highly demanding career option. As such no specific educational requirements are needed to become a game tester but some education is desirable to understand the technical specifications more efficiently.

So what do video game testers actually do? Their job profile is to find out glitches or bugs in the game and report it to the programmers so that they can fix it before the game reaches the public.

But this is not a one-time thing. They have to run the game multiple times, exploring almost everything, times to find out the errors and this requires long hours of play which can be tiresome at times.

Some special skills apart from experience are required to become a professional in this field.

One needs to gain above-average attention to detail, good communication skills, and strong troubleshooting abilities to be able to report bugs and glitches to game developers.

Educational achievements in game design or mechanics, programming, video graphics, or similar fields are always a boon and add to your profile.

If you have all these qualities, you might make a successful career as a video game tester!

Event Planner

If you would like to do a job or work as a freelancer/entrepreneur, where you can use your creativity and imagination to plan prior to an actual event to design and deliver a successful event. This profession demands excellent socializing and communication skills to maintain clientele.

It’s an agile industry and is dynamic, thus requires an individual to come up with innovative ideas, the ability to multitask effectively, work under pressure, high attention to detail with strong organizational skills.

Having a good PR team is an added benefit. Also, budget awareness, good negotiation, and sales skills put a unique impression on the client.

The typical work responsibilities of an event planner include choosing an appropriate theme, venue, layout, decor, catering service, etc. Attention to small details matters a lot in this job. While you can acquire theoretical knowledge by completing courses in event management but practical knowledge comes with experience.

Only choose this profession if you have nerves of steel and wouldn’t crumble easily under pressure but come out with a creative new idea quickly. It’s not all glamorous as it seems, but you can make a name for yourself by delivering quality work adhering to the client’s needs and budget.

Health and Fitness Expert

Being a health and fitness expert is an ideal career option for anyone who is passionate about making people healthy and can keep them motivated by guiding them to achieve their goals. Health and fitness expert is an umbrella term that includes varied choices of becoming a personal gym trainer, yoga expert, nutritionist, dietician among others.

You can also become a Zumba or Aerobics instructor. Alternative medicines like Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Naturopathy, Oriental Medicine, etc. are some of the medicinal practices that are becoming popular these days.

But in order to build a promising career in this field, you must need to become a certified professional and earn a degree. Only after building a  solid foundation by having requisite expertise about the human anatomy, training, nutrition, or specific stuff related to the line you choose, you can practice efficiently and earn credibility in the industry as this work involves a lot of responsibility.

Coaching people how to make necessary changes in their lifestyle along with healthy eating by personalizing it for them is a work of both art and science.

Similar to other fields, you need a certification to get acknowledged and earn credibility. There are various institutes across that offer degree, certificates, and diplomas.

NASM, ISSA, ACSM, NSCA, and ACE are some of the international institutes that offer certification in personal training in India are

  • IAFT
  • Sports Authority of India
  • Indira Gandhi Institute of Physical Education and Sports Sciences
  • University of Delhi
  • Alagappa University of Tamil Nadu etc.

These are some of them which offer bachelor/ certificate/ diploma courses in this field.

In the case of practicing alternate medicines, The Indian Board of Alternative Medicine, Kolkata, AICPMSR, Delhi, Aligarh Muslim University, and many others offer a wide variety of courses in this discipline.

If you think you have the requisite energy to coach people about maintaining good health and a healthy lifestyle, then possibilities are infinite in this field.

Social Media Manager

Earlier, social media sites were used for fun during leisure time. But now it has become a serious business. People from all walks of life are now on social media. Things and people that appear on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn have a great influence on people’s minds. Nowadays, many brands have entered this space as people are always active on one or the other platform.

Companies are now on the lookout for candidates who can trace the changing trends and understand industry jargon. So, in order to develop a robust online presence, you need to learn how to use these social media channels to build a brand and create a big market share.

Social media, as a business tool, is a recent development. So, employers are finding it difficult to find experienced players. In order to make your mark, you are required to get some basic qualifications preferably related to marketing.

Various short term and regular courses in social media marketing, digital marketing, media, and communication or business management are available in India and abroad. Apart from having experience and a degree, you also need some skills to stand out from the rest.

A social media marketer has to be creative, vigilant of major digital marketing sites and influencers, able to analyze different digital media campaigns and their algorithms well, and lastly one should be data-driven.

Engaging users by bringing more traffic for successful brand promotion is not an experiment but based on statistics, skills, and an effective strategy. Coupling your knowledge and skills can result in a rewarding career in social media.


If you are serious enough to build a bright future in these unconventional career options, sharpen your skill sets, use creativity, and keep updating your knowledge.

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