6 YouTube Study Channel for CBSE-NCERT Student

Education is now not only limited to the books or your notebooks but YouTube is making it more easier and comfortable than before. A lots of people watch YouTube daily then why not introduce YouTube Channels to study CBSE curriculum.

YouTube study channel for cbse ncert students

Here in this blog post we have covered some of the most useful 6 YouTube study Channel for CBSE class 12 and below students , they are not in any specific order but contains some of the best information to grab your subjects knowledge.

#1 Mohit Tyagi ‘ s Mathematics  Channel

Mohit tyagi is one of the best brain in Kota trained thousand of IIT JEE aspirants, Now the same classes you can get in this YouTube Channel, Even few days before Zee New covered his YouTube Channel.

Mohit Tyagi’s YouTube Video Channel basically targets the JEE IIT mathematics but equally beneficial for CBSE and NCERT class 11th and 12th student.

#2 CBSE Practical


CBSE  Practical , this is the name of Youtube channel for science student who want to learn Physics and chemistry practicals recommended  in Physics and chemistry syllabus.

The instructor firstly define the project and objective of the project and then explain how to perform the same in the lab environment.

A must subscribe youtube channel for all the science student of cbse board studying Physics and chemistry.

#3 ExamFever Videos

Examfever is releasing video tutorial on four major subject Physics, Chemistry , Mathematics and Biology strictly based on NCERT books from class 6th to 12th.

Examfever’s video cover each topic in a series of videos so rest assured this video will fully cover the topic. If CBSE or NCERT change any topic or part of syllabus then they immediately release the same after some time.

#4 Business studies videos by Joginder singh

Joginder singh tried to explain each and every topic through his YouTube Video Channel.

Check out his youTube Video Channel here

#5.  Programming Knowledge for Computer Science and Information Technology

If you have not attended your computer classes properly and want to learn C++, Java, Netbeans , SQL or any other programming language then this is the recommended YouTube channel for you.

We learn android apps development using this video channel and developed cbsetoday.com android app for you.

A very highly recommended youtube channel for you.

#6 CBSE Class 1-5 Video Lessons

This video channel is dedicated to class 1 to class 8th students, This YouTube channel covers Hindi, English , maths only.

Though CBSE had also launched its YouTube Channel UDAAN but we are very sorry to say the channel does not have any meat right now so we are not recommending this channel to our readers. Hope you will find these YouTube channels useful, If you are able to find some useful channel besides these , please feel free to recommend.

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