50+ New Python Project Ideas for Students

Python is one of the fastest-growing programming languages on the net. CBSE has introduced python in Class 11 and 12 as its primary programming language. This year onwards students are required to generate a project in python for their partial fulfillment.

Python Projects for beginners

Here are some of the best Python Project Ideas for the students. These project ideas are totally different from the old fashioned C++ Projects or  Net beans Projects. I have compiled these Python Project Ideas after a long search.

Python Projects for Beginners/ Students

  1. Billing system like invoicehome.com : This is not a normal billing system, it is an online bill generator where you define the objects their price and tax application. The system generates a complete bill with your logo, address, and other details, allow you to either email this bill to a recipient or print it or save it for future use.
  2. Railway PNR/Train Status/Enquiry System  ( Fetch real-time data from railapi.com ) : Fetch data from an API and generate a complete railways PNR/Train status/Enquiry system. Remember we are not storing any data in our system but fetching all this information from a real-time.
  3. Community Blog (  Using multi-level protection ) : Design a web project like medium where your user/reader generate content for you on any given topic and post this for you.
  4. Image Pinning system ( Multi-user  ) like Pinterest: A web application for pinning any interesting work its readers are able to find on the net.
  5. Library Management system ( with multi-level user rights )
  6. E-commerce website: Generate a complete E-commerce website using Django framework.
  7. Saas Service like  Grammarly :
  8. Todo list ( Multi-user ) : Generating a to-do list is very easy but the twist, in this case, is it must be a multi-user system, a login user must be able to check and change his/her list only.
  9. Student Management System: Generate a whole student management system for a school and this must have multi-level access for principal, Teachers, students.
  10. Student Assignment System: This is a two-layered project. 1 – Teachers  2. students. Teachers will be able to post assignment to his/her group as well as they will be able to check the submitted assignments. Students will be able to see their assigned assignments and allowed to submit their solutions.
  11. The online Fees submission system 
  12. School result processing system ( upload CBSE result on the portal and generate an excel file for download with all the data analysis )
  13. Python Editor with Syntax highlighter ( like notepad ++ or sublime Text ) Simple python Editor is available on this same website using Tkinter library. It is able to do the normal editing and saving of text files. But you need to extend the project so that anybody can use it as a full-fledged Editor.
  14. URL shortener like bit.ly  insert a long URL in its input and it should generate a small URL for you. If you have any doubt how to do this just visit bit.ly and try to imitate its feature.
  15. Online Quiz application like Kahoot: Designing a quiz application using python or any other programming language is as easy a counting 1-2-3 but the twist, in this case, is – any number of participant can participate in your quiz. Based on their response you can generate their result.
  16. A content aggregator like Alltop and HVper : Web scrap website for your favorite topic and publish on any online platform automatically.
  17. Post-it Note like note.ly and  PinUp : It is again just like your multi-user todo list but here users will be able to add few more things on the platform.
  18. YouTube Downloader with MP3 Player : Design a desktop application/web application to download any video from YouTube or similar website. The project must have some features so that you can convert the same in any format as well as your project must have facility to play the same.
  19. Alarm Player ( Play alarm  when an event falls )
  20. Free Expense Trackers like GnU Cash and Buddi
  21. Bulk File renamer tool like bulk rename utility: Please download the software from its official website and try to design a similar software.
  22. Bulk Emailer ( group-wise  ) :  Pick database of your recipient either stored in any database table or in excel sheet as per your requirement and send one email at a time.  We have a small sample python program for bulk emailer.
  23. Bulk Image resizer Utility : Select a folder that contains your original large images and then select a destination folder where all resized images will be stored. Fire your program and it will resize all the images one by one.  A simple bulk image resizer program in python is here for your ready rerefence.
  24. PDF Converter Tools like I Love PDF: Generate a full range of python utilities to extract/merge PDFs or convert any PDF into Word/Excel/PowerPoint or vive-versa. Here you have choice to deploy these utilities as a desktop application or web application.
  25. Hotel Booking System: A multi-level access system for its staff and its users. A user can only access the availability of the room on the other hand staff can only confirm the booking rest is maintained by the administrator of the system.
  26. Food Billing System / or online Retail Billing system: I am sure if you are from the background of C/C++ then perhaps you have already build this type of applications but here you have to generate this for a multi-user environment where a user must upload his itenary and their prices to generate the bills.
  27. Online Ticketing with real-time seating data: You are required to study the working of townscript and then try to generate any such web application.
  28. Online Bus Booking System like red bus
  29. Price Comparision website like trivago : This is my favorite topic, here students are supposed to scrap more than one website for the price of an object and save in the database. Then using this data display the results available on a different website.
  30. Site Auditing Tools like smallSEOTools.com : This is a collection to tools, for this purpose the student must be know the basics of SEO and he/she should combine a lot of function like DA checker, Alexa rank checker etc etc.
  31. Question Paper Generator: Create a small Desktop/web application so that teachers can generate a random question paper for their students. The Project should have admin area as well as front end. Admin area must be able to set up or feed the data/questions.

These are new-age Python project ideas, of course, you are free to generate that old fashioned  CUI based Python projects but we would not at all recommend that type of projects,  if you have any other Python project idea that you think must be in this list, please share your idea.

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