Why do we have only 33% marks as passing criteria?

Have you ever thought of this fact why do we Indian’s have 33% marks as passing criteria in all the boards Exam no matter it is CBSE, ICSE or State-Board ? Why not 45% marks or 23% as passing criteria?

Passing criteria of a student in India

Recently the same question was asked by my Education Officer in a seminar and you would not believe me none of the attendee was able to even give her “The  hint”.  Everyone had the same answer – We do not know?

So who decides how much marks are sufficient for a student to clear his/her class? CBSE / ICSE/ panel of educationist, social reformers or Psychologists? Who actually decides this passing criteria and why we still stuck in this passing criteria?

The answer of this question is very much disturbing, The passing criteria was actually decided by the queen of England when we were a colony of British Empire and Britishers were trying to establish their own education system to generate clerks to support their empire in India.

You will be amazed to know that even Britishers were also very puzzled- What should be the passing criteria of a student in India? At that time, The queen of England was the final authority to decide such matters so the same question was sent to her for the final approval.

At that time in England the passing percentage of a British student was 66% so she decided that the Indian are not such laborious or Intelligent  or You can say she said “Inki Itni Aukat nahi hai jo Itne Marks le sake” means they do not have that guts to score such marks, so she said just half the passing criteria we follow.

Thus, we have 33% as our passing criteria and we are following this passing criteria from that era to this age. Nobody means nobody ever tried to questioned this criteria and happy to produce clerks.

Now you can say what the source of this Information is. My dear friends this is not me – It was written by legendary Bhagat Singh in his book. You can have Words of Freedom: Ideas Of A Nation, The Jail Notebook And Other Writing from amazon.

How much experiment our system will do to improve the quality of education? Will they ever thought to change this passing criteria too?

Waiting for your comments on why do we have only 33% marks as passing criteria and what should we do for this issue?

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