C++ Project ideas for School / College students – Part -1

10 Best new C/C++ Project ideas for school/college student contains some of the innovative ideas for implementations. These project will not only grab the attention of your examiner but also help you more marks.

C++ Project Ideas

These C++ projects are not listed any where as well as you will not be able to locate its code on the net. so We will briefly explain each project for you.

List of 10 new project ideas for C++

  1. Code Library
  2. Basic Code Editor
  3. HTML Website Generator
  4. Backup – Restore Program
  5. Code Compressor
  6. Dictionary
  7. CSV to HTML Generator
  8. DBMS software using C++
  9. Database Programming Using MySql and C++
  10. Game Programming using Allegro or Oxygine – 2D game Framework
  11. Encryption and Decryption software
  12. CGI programming using C/C++

Code Library :   as a programmer we generate new code / algorithm to solve new problem and later on forget to remember the code /step to solve the same issue. This program will solve this issue and store all such code in a database, using that you can recall the same.

The program will be able to add new Language, topic, keywords and the actual code in this library.  The program can be developed using file handling in C++ along with structure/classes.

Basic Code Editor : Here in this project we will have to develop an application program that will help us to create a file, save a file, edit a file and some basic file operation like ,delete a word, replace a word or some basic string operation on your file like – convert the case etc.

Code Compressor : The program will scan any folder recursively and remove multiple spaces with single space , tabs, new line with a single space. remove comments from any text file.

The program will leave all the other file as it is on the disk.

This type of project/program is specially useful for web-developers who do not wants to share his readable code.

HTML File Generator : This program will ask the basic information from the user and convert all this information in a website.  You can ask different type of information to generate different types of HTML files.

BackUp / Restore Program : This program will ask you to for the folder / disk and recursively scan all the files and folder and make a copy of the same at the defined target.

Dictionary : C++ program to generate a normal English to English Dictionary with Word- meaning,  Antonyms , synonyms, and how to use that Word in any sentences.

The program will also enable you to add , delete, modify, search any word from this dictionary.

CSV to HTML Generator : C++ program to convert any comma/space  separated CSV file into HTML page. The program can be further extended to generate a full fledged website generator software.

DBMS software using C/C++ : If you have ever used access or mysql or any other database software then you must be aware of that these software are basically written in C++ then why not create your very own database software in C++.

Database Programming Using C++ :  Generate a Database software for managing address book using C++ and mysql database management system software.

That’s all for this post, We will cover rest of the project ideas in the next post. Till then if you have any such other C++ project ideas then do not hesitate to share with us.

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