Expert Tips on How to Make Essay More Sophisticated

Those who haven’t written any essay in their lives may think that coming with one is just simple as long as you have some great ideas at hand and means to write it. As a student, you already know that things are never that simple

Python Code to Convert CSV into JSON

Convert CSV into JSON using Python code- The program reads all the data stored in CSV format and converts into JSON format

10 Assignment Writing Tips for Computer Science Students

10 most useful assignment writing tips for computer science students. These simple tips can boost your assignment and separate your assignment from mediocre.

How to add comment in each file of a folder-Python Code

Add a comment in each file of a folder is a very simple yet effective python program that add comment at the top of a python file recursively.

News website Python Project

News website python project using Django. In this python project, we will consume the rest API from to generate a Python project for students.

Python Code to Count Frequency of Word-[ smart solution ]

Python Code to Count Frequency of Word using python dictionary and simple looping method. Here the frequency of a word is taken as the key and words as values.

6 Best Class 11 Python Question Papers-Sample Papers 2020

6 set of Class 11 Python Question Papers or you can sample paper for class 11 CS and IP students according to the new syllabus. Ignore these sample papers at your own cost.