CBSE class 12 MySQL Assignment

CBSE Class 12 MySQL assignment is based on the prescribed syllabus for Informatics Practices and Computer Science student. This MySQL assignment is based on the basic topic of DDL commands and DML commands that we normally cover in our classes. The assignment will check the student’s understanding of simple DDL commands to referential integrity that […]

Class 12 Python Project with output

Python project with output for CBSE class 12 student was created to fulfill the requirement of the CBSE Senior Secondary Examination Class XII for Computer science. This project had been developed in Pyscript IDE for explaining the concept of python programming for an absolute beginner. Right now we are providing the project in Ms-Word Format […]

Brick Game – C++ Game Project with Output

Brick Game C++ project with output

C++ Game project with output – Brick Game, is developed using Turbo C++ IDE on windows platform. This project contains some advance graphics and keyboard manipulation. Before persuing this C++ game project, You are advised to learn some basic graphics programming using Turbo C++ graphics.h header file. The same program can be developed using game […]

C++ File handling Notes in PDF Format

C++ File handling Notes in PDF format to download. The whole notes is designed to help any normal user to learn file handling. These notes are basically designed to help CBSE students as the syllabus covered in these notes is not beyond that. These C++ File handling notes is divided into two parts – First […]

Structure in C++ Assignment

Structure in C++ is very important topic as this is the bridge between the procedural programming language and Object Oriented Programming Language. C++ notes on structure is available at this link. Here is the assignment on structure ( C++ ) Q1. Define a structure for employee having the following fields Name Char[30] Empcode char[10] Father’s […]

File handling in C++ Assignment

File handling in C++ assignment contains programming question that most of the time appear in CBSE board Exams. These assignments are basically divided into two parts . Text file handling and Binary file handling. Text File Handling – Text file can be read and write in three ways – Single char  ( read and write […]