C++ program to print file contents in reverse order

C++ program to print reverse of file content

C++ program to print the contents of any text file in reverse order. This program print the reverse of each and every word available in that text file. This program was developed in Windows 10 using Dev C++ IDE. Here is the source code. /* program to display the contents of any text file in […]

C++ / C Program to show files and Folders recursively

C++ program to show files and folder

C++ / C program to show files and folders of any given folder recursively ie this will fetch all the folder inside another folder and then files and show all of them one by one on the screen. This C++ program is a part of the same compression utility, another programs of the same compression […]

C++ Program to convert single line comment into multi-line comment

C++ Program image

While developing compression utility, we come across such a weired issues while converting .php extension file as php can be started at any position and have some really tough task for us to compress. To overcome that issue, we decided to convert single line comment into multi-line comments and then remove all the comments from […]

CPP program to compress text file

C++ Program image

CPP program to compress text file using C++ file handling. This is the third program in the series of compression utility that we are trying to build. Other programs that we have already covered in this series are Remove multi-line comments from any text file ( C/C++ style comments ) Remove single line comments from […]

How to type in Hindi Using English

First of all it is really easy to type in Hindi using English. There is no need to learn Hindi keyboard or any other Hindi font. This is the major problem faced by teachers and students as some times they are asked to submit their question papers/assignment / presentations in Hindi. The major problem with […]