CPP Program to display Character Parallelogram

C++ Program image

This simple Cpp program takes any word from the standard input string and display that string in the form of character Parallelogram. The program was tried and tested on Windows 10 using Dev CPP IDE. <pre> /*    program to generate parallogram text made by        : rakesh kumar T T E T E S T […]

CPP Questions for School Competition

C++ questions for interschool competitions

List of C++ questions for Inter School based programming competition. This list of CPP question will help you to challenge your existing skill. IN most of these interschool competitions, The whole competitions is divided into two or three round. So we have decided to divide the whole list according to the round. Round -0 is […]

CBSE has issue a guidelines to its affiliated schools regarding the transportation rules

school bus

CBSE is always concentric regarding student’s health and safety issue and in recent history there misshaping have happened with school buses according to media  . As per circular 23-02-2017 issued by CBSE to its affiliated school that regarding transportation system . Major highlights are about Exterior : School bus should be yellow coloured and school’s […]

How to Prepare for Board Exams in Hindi

How to prepapre for CBSE Examination

How to Prepare for Board Exam in Hindi ( Board Exam ke taiyari Kaise karen ) by my friend Ankit Singla. In this Video he had advised 7 quality tips that can help you a lot in your Board Examination Preparation. Here is his Video And do not forget to download Class 12th Sample Papers […]

8 Unbelievable Study Hacks For Better marks

8 Unbelievable Study Hacks

These 8 unbelievable study hacks will help you a lot to score better marks, as you know right now  there is a lot of pressure on the students to score more in the board exams. Better marks means better chances to choose a better institute for further studies,  While we have been providing you with […]

Class X board examination Rules for academic year 2017-2018

Class 10 Board Examination Rules for 2017-18

Class 10th Board Examination of with effect from academic year 2017-2018 Highlights of the CBSE circular dated 31.01.17 No Semester System: Board exams will take place at end of the year. 100% Syllabus: No division of syllabus for SA I and SA II. Full syllabus exam once at the end of the session. Marks will […]