Random Password Generator using Python Random

password generator program

Random Password are very common to all of us, These passwords are generated by all the applications when we request for a new account or request for a new password. Random Password Generator program written in python is basically used to generate a random password that generate a Good password. This password contains One captal […]

Duplicate File Remover – Remove Duplicate files recursively – Python Code

Duplicate Files Remover python code

Duplicate File remover – python code SEARCH Duplicate Files in your computer folders and remove them. Duplicate files is one such problem that almost all the people follow. We make duplicate copies of our files and later on not able to recognize where they are stored and this way they eat-up a lots of our […]

Character Rhombus in Python


Character rhombus in python is one such great python program that almost all computer Teacher use to teach concept of looping and string manipulation. This simple yet powerful script was shared by Raju Vashishtha Sir from Deep Memorial Public School. Here is the python script to print character rhombus. # purpose : program to print […]

Character Parallelogram program in Python

Character Parallelogram program written in Python was developed to show the Working of for loop in Python along with string slicing. The program was written using Python 3.6 and Visual Code editor for Windows. Character Parallelogram Python Program takes a string from Input and print the characters available in this string in the format of […]

School Result Processing Program-Python Code

result processing program in python

Use our School result Processing program can help you to process your cbse school wise result in few minutes. This open source result processing software takes your school result as a input and produce easy to manage Excel sheet

CBSE Result 2018- Latest Update

CBSE result 2018- As per the inputs from CBSE- the largest educational board in the India can declare its result on 25th may 2018 after 12:30 AM for class 12th and on 26th May declare class 10th result. The results are usually released by the end of May. However, officials had earlier confirmed that the […]

How to use Unicode in Python IDE – Use Local Language for Localization


Writing computer program in your own Language is one of the major advantage and on top of that you can show the results in your own Language. Before Unicode it was the fonts that was used to show results in Local languages. But unfortunately there were not too much support for all local language. Few […]