Cyber Crime and their Punishment – Every Student must read

The Indian Information Technology Act, 2000 dealt with Computer related crimes, In it’s Chapter – XI Offenses (65-78) and for the same time Information Technology Act, 2000 amended the Indian Penal Code to cover the cyber crimes expressly. Here in this chapter the offenses along with the punishment provided in the Information Technology Act, 2000 […]

Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills (ASL)

The test material to conduct Assessment of Speaking and Listening Skills (ASL) for classes IX to XI in the academic session 2016-17 can be downloaded through the link available on the CBSE ITMS website at the link at To download the material, the schools affiliated to CBSE can login using the userID and […]

Promotion of cashless transactions in the CBSE affiliated schools

Right now as per the direction of income tax department only 2% Indians are paying income tax in India ie 98% people are not pay any type of direct income tax. Do you think all these 98% people are in India are earning less than 2.5 lakh per annul?  No Not at all So where […]

9 Tricks To Learn Everything 10 Times Faster

Break down difficult skills in to smaller one. Focus on one sub skill at a time Celebrate your mistake and learn from that mistake Shorter periods of study every day instead of long one every week Monitor your progress and recognize yourself Quiz yourself. Teach other people Apply 80/20 rule Create a learning ritual

Class X Board Examination will be compulsory from 2017-18

Class X Board Examination will be compulsory for all the students from the academic session 2017-18 as CBSE governing body Tuesday “Unanimously approved” a proposal in this regard.  At the meeting of the governing body , all the members were agree to re-introduce Board Examination from 2017-18. Earlier it was not compulsory for the class […]

How to Score 90+ in Physics in less then 2 month

This guide is about how to maximize your score in Physics examination conducted by CBSE. Though, this does work for other boards as well but I’ve restricted it to the domain of CBSE as I’ve personally experienced the CBSE fever! To start about myself, I am not a Padhaku-type, I just realized a month or […]